Does depression and anxiety cause cancer?

Why some of us get ill and others seem immune at the disease of the century that affects a large amount of people on this planet? What is the secret? We find the answer from Servan Schreiber, PhD. in Medicine, psychiatrist, neurologist and professor, he is known all around the world for his unconventional approaches. He had the courage to sustain that diseases are closely connected with the human mind, with our feelings and the way we see the world.

In his first book called “Cure”, he demonstrated that depression and anxiety, the diseases of the modern world, can be fought without medicine, with simple techniques, that get us close to the nature and close to ourselves. He stated that elementary changes in our lifestyle solve fundamental issues of our physical and mental health. Schreiber is one of the people who fought cancer, he had brain cancer. He has been through all the phases that ill people have been: fear, despair, denial, rebellion and he had tried surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The illness relapsed and he wrote his second book called “Anticancer” – his personal story, but also the result of his researches that he had made with the help of the most famous oncologists of the planet.

His conclusion was that cancer is a more a matter of lifestyle than genetics or something else. “I wanted to know the reason why some of us get cancer, and some of us don’t. I discovered that we have natural means of fighting against cancer, as we all have cancer cells in our body. These cancer cells that exist in all of us grow and develop very fast, if they find a weakened environmental stress factors. We just have to use them to protect us against cancer.”

Besides the known factors already known, our nutrition, pollution, Schreiber insists on the way we think, this is the most important thing, we have to be optimistic. With other words, the way we think, the way we report to ourselves and the others determines the quality of our health.