The 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

As I’m sure you already know, humans are the most intelligent animals in the world. When compared with other animals, we can’t really compete when it comes to their strength or endurance, but thanks to our superior intelligence we have managed to come out on top. If you are wondering which animals would come close to us when it comes to being smart, here is a list of the top ones.

1. Squid


When it comes to invertebrates, squids are considered to be the geniuses. Unlike other invertebrates, squids have a very complex brain structure that is similar in many ways to the human brain. Proof of their intelligence is the curiosity that they exhibit when it comes to their environment.

2. Ants


Ants are very small and because of that people don’t really think about them as particularly smart animals. The truth is that they can survive calamities that would wipe out other species mainly because of their ability to communicate and work together, which are clear markers of intelligence.