10 Reasons to Own A Pet

Pets are bundles of joy, but did you know they also have several positive health benefits for you too? We have a complied ten reasons why you should own a pet. Don’t second think of getting one (or two). It will be good for you and your family.

1. Helps you socialize

Pets are great conversation starters.


2. Lowers your blood pressure

Playing and hanging out with your pet lowers your blood pressure.


3. Eases pain

Having a pet distracts your from things and that includes pain.


4. Gives you a sense of protection

Pets are naturally loyal to their owners so when they sense a threat they act on it immediately.


5. Motivates you to exercise

Walking your pet is beneficial for their health and yours too.


6. Lessens your stress

Pets relaxes us. Less stress means you are more able to function well.


7. Improves mood

Pets are like happy pills. They do things that makes us smile and laugh.


8. Better quality of life

Learning to care for someone other than yourself help to improve your quality of life.


9. Companionship

Pets are good companions and you build a really strong bond with them.


10. Helps kids develop

Young kids exposed to pets helps them learn how to be responsible at a young age.